David Agasi
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All analog. All the time.

Naturally, I’m slow in terms of updating an ever-changing portfolio and I apologize. The science behind it is most challenging, not only by the strained economy but by my own high standards. Nevertheless, you will gain some valuable insight into my world through viewing this photographic website.

David AgasiNo Photoshop manipulation was used and no digital cameras or flash units were employed in the making of these images. Nikon, Pentax, Canon, Minolta, Yashica and Contax cameras were used exclusively. Had other cameras been laying around, I’d probably have used those, too.

People often ask me when I will begin using digital cameras. I honestly have no answer, because I have shot analog film for a quarter century and I like its surprises, discrepancies and odd serendipidy. Film is expensive, but so are cigarettes and fashionable clothing. It's all about choice.

Thanks to everyone who has helped me continue to create analog work over the years. Echoes of heartfelt support have been deeply felt as I continue to make the best images possible with film in the 21st century.

I am sincerely grateful for your interest in what I do.

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Image credit Herb Ascherman, 2015

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