David Agasi
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DavidRecord labels and artists

Flyover Country, Green Fuse, HYPNOS, Inductive (Tokyo), Manifold, Projekt, Relapse, Russell, Two-Eight, TZADIK, Unseen Worlds, Second Language, Maya Qua, RUSKA Records (Finland), Signal, Sound In Silence, Bandcamp.

Web and print publications

Burning House Press, Kansas City Star, Alternative Press, ISSUE, Jazz.pt (Portugal), Metropolis (Japan), Michelle7.com, Nerve.com, New American Paintings, Paramour, Pilgrims (UK), The Cafe Review, Weekender (Japan), Zilla (Germany), Living with Myself ForgettingDreams about John Cage and Butterflies, both on Cold Green Tea Press.

Featured images

This Way to the End by Mario Savioni

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